Does Your Moving Company Employ Its Own Staff?

Behind a death in the family and divorce, moving can be one of the most stressful life experiences—a fact that shouldn’t be too surprising. There is the packing, the disruption of your routine, and all the work of getting established in a new place, even if it is just a few blocks down the road. One other major concern is making sure you hire a trustworthy moving company to handle your most precious possessions.

You want to know that you can trust the people that will be traipsing in and out of your home. Going with cheap movers may seem like a good option on the surface, but frequently these outfits are fly-by-night operations and you might end up paying for it in the long run.

Is the Moving Company’s Staff Trained Properly?

You want to hire a reliable moving company with a team that has been trained properly, has undergone drug testing, and that has respect for your home and property. To find the top moving companies in Virginia, do not just hire the first one you see online. Talk to friends, families, or colleagues who have recently moved. They may have had a positive experience with one particular company, or on the flipside, they could tell you horror stories about the movers that broke their grandmother’s prized chair or how their pieces of expensive jewelry got “lost in the move.”

Does the Moving Company Perform Background Checks?

A vital security step that is missed by most independent moving companies, background checks are an important part of the hiring process at Lloyd’s Transfer and Storage, in Berryville, Va. “We need to be sure that our moving staff can be trusted, is reliable and hard-working – background checks help confirm that,” says Ruben Barrios, Sales Manager for the company.

Does the Moving Company have Certifications?

Also, see if the company belongs to the American Moving and Storage Association. It has a “ProMover” certification program. In addition, find out the company’s registration number from the Department of Transportation and search on for any recent complaints.

Can you Read Reviews of the Moving Company?

Moving company reviews will be an excellent resource as well. Check out the comments on popular websites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Here, previous customers will rank and review their work. Some preliminary research will help to weed out the companies that you certainly don’t want to deal with.

Once you narrow down your choices, you should ask a series of detailed questions, such as: Are the movers licensed, insured, and bonded; what are the exact insurance terms; do they require cash upfront (a definite red flag); how long have they been in business; what kind of potential hidden fees can be incurred; and what would be the timetable for the move.

Is the Moving Company’s Staff Temporary or Permanent?

Also important to find out is the moving crew’s status with the company. Are they just casual day laborers who are less experienced to handle carrying your heavy boxes down those narrow sets of stairs? Or are they fully employed by the company?

At Lloyd’s Transfer and Storage, each member of our permanent full-time staff undergoes a background check, a probationary period, drug testing, and extensive training. They are careful, trustworthy, and they respect your belongings – and your time. In business since 1931, we strive to exceed customer expectations, and more than 75 percent of our jobs come from referrals of past clients.